Our Services

Our investigators are skilled and experienced in providing diligent investigations in all of the following areas:

Locate/Skip Trace

We have several investigative tools and databases at our disposal to locate current contact information subjects and/or witnesses.

Recorded Statements and Interviews

Our investigators are skilled in securing thorough witness statements and interviews, thereby, providing vital information to aid in managing claims.

Accident Scene Canvass

When there are few known eyewitnesses or available evidence, an investigative canvass of the vicinity of an accident scene can provide answers. A thorough scene canvass can provide that needed missing piece of information.

Video Surveillance

In some cases, video surveillance of a subject’s daily activities is necessary to verify the veracity of a claim.

Document/Affidavit Endorsement

Our investigators are notary public certified and can make contact with a subject and verify signatures on releases and affidavits.

Background & Courthouse Searches

Background searches and courthouse searches can assist in determining the credibility of a witness or subject. These searches can also provide a history of civil lawsuit activity.

Asset/Debt Searches

We have several investigative tools at our exposure to determine positive and negative assets of a subject, to include: real property, vehicles, vessels, business affiliations, probate awards, liens, judgments, bankruptcies, foreclosures, evictions… etc.

Intelligence Gathering

When there seems to be missing pieces, investigative inquiry and/or evidence gathering can fill in the holes. This is accomplished in many different ways, on a case-by-case basis.

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