Online Case Management Portal

All of our clients receive login access to our case management system. This allows our clients the ability to receive up-to-date status of each tasked case and provides easy access to collected materials in a timely manner.


Our case management system is a time-saving tool that allows immediate access to tasked assignments. No longer do you have to send an email or leave a message and await a response.

You can also reopen closed cases for additional tasking with ease without the need to retype the same case information all over again.


The portal allows you the ability to gain access to the system anywhere you have an internet connection.


You have the ability to task new or reopened assignments through the case management system and will receive confirmation that your assignment has been received and processed. You will also receive email notifications when important updates are posted.

On-Demand Media

Securely review all collected video documentation, photographs, recorded interview, documents and more on the system without added software downloads.

Transfer Information or Evidence

With our case management portal, you have the ability to copy and paste narrative updates and download all media files to incorporate into your file as needed.


No longer will you need receive bulky envelopes, DVDs or CDs to add to your already voluminous files. Access to all collected investigative evidence and information will be at your fingertips with any internet connection.

* We can still supply DVDs or CDs, as needed.


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